Do Our Societies Place Too Much Emphasis On Physical Appearance?

In recent times, most societies have become keen about their appearance. Be it thier physical body, clothings or choice of cosmetics.


Of course, there are huge sums of money paid to modelers to dress good and pretend to be regular users of some particular products or brands; an attempt to entice potential consumers. Sometimes, people who have no plans of buying these products have no choice but to buy them. Hence they have become victims due to increased pressure to “look good”.

The Modern Society of today cares about their physical appearance to some extent that, sometimes one ought to ask whether these are very important than what is inside us. In our quest to look good on the outside, we sometimes do forget about some serious issues within us, hence some unexpected incidents happen and “we are gone!”

Some school of thought believes that too much emphasis is not placed on physical appearance because our modern society demands that. For instance, professions like receptionists, news presenters and media persons, actresses and actors, marketing persons and models require that, because they meet people regularly and cannot be in just any clothes or appearance. Since they deal with customers or people, then their appearance can either attract customers or drive them away.

Character and skills are very key in life, but someone who does not look good at an interview may lose that opportunity at first sight as companies will even hesitate to hire people who do not place priorities on their appearance. In fact, some people believe that people who dress good, appears to be bold and even speak fluently than people who do not consider their physical appearance as a priority. Anytime these two groups of people meet, the latter are “intimidated” to even share their opinion because they feel belittled. Could this be true?

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So many factors contribute to the notion that our “modern societies” are placing too much emphasis on physical appearance. When you have a population of people who are almost always seeing the world’s “so called superstars”, attending their shows, meeting them personally and wanting to be like them, then what else will happen? Celebrities want to look extremely good to entice their fans. The more fans you have, the higher your chances of getting more people to buy your movies or music CDs, books, and even win more votes for an award or a position. Their fans too probably have no choice but to dress and look ‘good’ like them.

Technological advancement has also contributed so much to this. Each day we witness many inventions and research outcomes that make several suggestions about ways to live stronger, healthier and even younger. Most people want to look very much younger than their real age.

“May be we’ve gotten to Rome; hence, ought to do what the Romans do”. But seriously, every individual have a choice – A choice to evaluate the results of your action in every step you make …the debate goes on…watch out for Part 2 as i seek people’s opinion about this issue; your comments are welcome below.

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4 thoughts on “Do Our Societies Place Too Much Emphasis On Physical Appearance?

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  2. I am really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one today..

  3. Without a doubt we do. The media has used models all over the internet and 1000 tv channels to make everyone think only 19 year olds are hot. Remember how dumb you were at 19? I sure was dumb at 19. Why do we envy youthful appearnace? The media uses youth to sell products because it’s requires less time money and energy.

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