Full Account: How Attendees Re-Connected at Re-Connect GH – Promise Delivered?

2013 has been a busy year for me. I attended many events. And couldn’t have ended the year with Re-Connect GH 2013.

Re-Connect GH 2013 took place at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, on December 30, 2013. Organizers had promised “a unique networking event” under the theme “Strengthening Ties, Connecting Potential”.

Basically, I was there to do what I do best, tweet and look out for the lows and highs of the event and let readers know. So I was there on time.

In the first place, the event started considerably on time. From where I stood and watching the young professionals (attendees) come in and organizers busily putting things in place, I got impressed even from start.

The Organizers promised a “Networking Mixer”.

This part of the event was supposed to strengthen the ties between professionals in Ghana and the Diaspora. Did it really happen?

Well, it did, from my point of view. The event was well attended and from the start to end of the event, the MC of the day, Emmanuel Gamor, on many occasions had to ‘beg’ attendees to ‘pause’ with networking to enable other sections of the event to go on. Attendees were ready to share and also know more about what each other were doing.

They Promised “The Entrepreneur Spotlight”.

Some Ghanaian Entrepreneurs who had fused local innovation with global orientation were nominated prior to the event. Two individuals, from the nominees, with the innovative brands were awarded, which included Deborah Ahenkorah, Golden Baobab.

They promised a “Marketplace & Sponsorship Opportunities”.

Well, some companies displayed their products at the market place area and attendees were supposed to visit and interact with them and hopefully patronize their products. Some attendees went round to observe these products and brands. But I do not think that was very satisfactory. Attendees should have known that the market place was an integral part of the event and organizers should have occasionally encouraged attendees to visit there.

The event was graced by some distinguished guests including Gloria Buckman Yankson, Planit Ghana, Comfort Ocran, Legacy and Legacy, Dr. Richard Adjei, GIPC and  Hon. Ms. Oboshie Sai Cofie, CEO of Clarity Media Consult, Former Deputy Chief of Staff, and Former Minister of Information and of Tourism & Diaspora Relations (…..her titles is to be continued).

Ms. Cofie was also the keynote speaker on the night. She shared her story on having to relocate from the States to Ghana. According to her, it was not an easy decision but paid off eventually. For me, I liked this statement from her: you (the young professionals) of today have the most power (social media and smart gadgets). In order words, the easiest and fastest way of information dissemination available to the youth now, has made them most powerful.

To end, Re-Connect GH was worth organizing and attending. On a scale of 1 to 10. They’ve earned 8.5. And hey, Mr. DJ, your choice off songs on that night, hmmm…another blog post, maybe. Thumps up Kobby Graham.

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