MOGO 2013 Was a Blast

When it was confirmed that I will be attending Citi’s MOGO 2013, I began to ask myself if the concert would be entertaining as that of some Hiplife concerts I hear of.

Were they going to start on time? Would the artiste be able to really move patrons to their feet with their songs, especially when Hiplife has already won the hearts of many party goers in Ghana and which groups of people were going to attend the event?

Some Patrons took a pose

Some Patrons took a pose

In the first place, the organizers were ready on time. Meaning, that they had to wait for patrons to start the event.

The event started on a good note, especially when an “unknown group” called Ink mounted the stage, I was wondering what they could do to make some “moody” patrons on the front seats laugh or shake their ‘unshakable’ bodies, but these two gentlemen from the Asante Land proved twi was theirs and made good use of it.

Samuel Owusu and Awurama Badu really proved me wrong. These ‘old’ highlife legends should be organizing voice training courses for our current hip life artistes. At some point, I was really confused whether they were really doing a live performance or playing from CD and miming. They proved their worth in doing good music.

Kweisey Pee and KK Fosu are true acts and proved to patrons that highlife was still alive and also performing live was part of their daily living. They flowed with the crowd and kept them to their feet.

Okyeame Kwame, calls himself a hiplife artiste, but I think he’s not. On the stage on Friday night, he made me believe he could do both singing and rapping . The Rap Doctor is nowhere near retirement in Hiplife music. My simple reason is that, his stage performance and his ability to do highlife, would keep in safe in the game for long.

From where I was sitting, in the middle lane of the National Theatre, I realized patrons were eagerly waiting to see Kwabena Kwabena.  Then came the moment of truth. “Mr Voice” was on stage.  Then again, he is an inspiration to upcoming and current young musicians who forget their lyrics when they are on stage and even if they remember, they prove to you that some sound engineer somewhere in a ghetto aided them to give out a “good voice”.  Kwabena  shows no difference between the voice on a tape and when on stage.  The crowd went gay when he sang hit song ‘Adult music’.

My advice to our female artiste, please see Tagoe Sisters for lessons on managing your voice and Sherifa Gunu for lessons on stage performance.  Sherifa is a definition of Energy. She knew when to join her dancers to dance and what to do to win her fans. Oh! And in case you are looking for moon walker, see Sherifa.

My my point of view, the show was a great success and Music of Ghanaian Origin (MOGO), has come to stay. Congrats to Citi fm  and George Darko, who was honored a lifetime achievement award and the Ohia Beye Ya (OBY) Band for powering the performances


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