Does Celebrities ‘Rooting’ for Presidential Candidates Do So For Their Personal Gains?

Alright, so i guess by now you are aware of the numerous number of  so-called celebrities who are rooting for Some Presidential and Parliamentary Candidates.

As a matter of fact, President John Mahama has a great support from some of these so-called celebrities, even more than the NPP’s  Akufo Addo, who won the hearts of many musicians in the 2008 elections.

But come to think of it, do you really believe that these so-called celebrities mean well for the nation as a whole or they do so for their own interest?

Well my interaction with some Ghanaians seem to be making me possibly believe that they do so largely  for their own good.

Indeed some of these people do so because of their personal ties with these aspirants. Others work privately for them and stand a chance of not benefiting if the supposed candidates lose.

There is one of these so-called celebrities who is supporting a candidate just because of  his ties with the candidate’s relation and this is trivial…It is shameful and  unpatriotic!!

Nevertheless, there are genuine reasons that necessitated some of these so-called Celebrities to side with some of these aspirants.

What do you think?


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