Indiscipline Presidential Candidates, ‘Your Posters Are Calling You’

Have thought of why some political leaders in Ghana are unable to perform well when they assume positions in any public office?

Do you think these politicians who have “wasted” their time to go round the country several times prior to elections really mean what they say…in terms of helping better the lives of Ghanaians?

Sometimes I really think these “old men” only looking for all avenues to enrich themselves while the ordinary person gnash his/her teeth to death.

Some Politicians simply do not mean what they say because they are somewhat in discipline. And I am saying this because their act of in discipline is evident everywhere in Ghana.

They claim to wanting to making Accra a clean city but they cause the most waste everywhere in the City. They shamefully place their party posters everywhere even unauthorized places in the city.

These guys are making Ghana dirty and I wonder why the Metropolitan assemblies are not talking about it. These politicians do not respect our environment, they are making the city dirty, and they are breaking orders for free without any conviction of shame.

Yet the ordinary man is charged some considerable amount of Ghana cedis when he/she flout some of these orders.

Our hardworking ‘poor’ mothers are regularly chased out of the so-called unauthorized market areas. Others even lose their items and money yet the Political leader is not ashamed that he/she is unable to provide jobs.

For me, some of these political leaders do not mean what they say. If they do, we would not be hearing “in discipline campaign adverts” sponsored by some of them or their offices yet their actions do not prove that…Look, this is simple, if you cannot call your in discipline ‘poster boys’ to order, then you are equally indiscipline; the elder who ‘fueled’ the kids to spills the beans is equally guilty as the kids.

I am not surprised why some religious leaders are not rebuking these in discipline acts because some of them are equally guilty – Go round our major cities and see for yourself.


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