None of Ghana’s Political Party Flag bearers is a Youth; Don’t Tickle Yourself And Laugh!

Not long ago, the largest opposition party in Ghana, New Patriotic Party (NPP) launched its Manifesto. This was followed by an official endorsement of President Mahama as the flagbearer of the National Democratic Party (NDC). The Nduom’s Led Progressive People’s Party (PPP) outdored its National Headquarters and threw some very important challenges to the NDC and NPP. He is asking their Leaders to declare their assets.

Mr John Mahama, NDC Leader

The NPP’s “Book of Big Ambitions” needs to be critically examined, to really figure out whether they could deliver all

Papa Kwesi Nduom, PPP Leader

those promises.

Instead of us to use online and radio platforms to discuss important issues in the manifestos of the various political parties, Ghana is busily debating on trivial issues like: which political party’s leader is a youth.

Ghana’s Youth Policy Document say this: “The policy defines “youth” as “persons who are within the age bracket of fifteen (15) and thirty-five (35)”. Ghana’s definition has been informed by those used by the United Nations Organisation and the Commonwealth Secretariat.”

From above, none of the flag bearers of the various political parties is a youth. You do not claim to be youth because you are physically active.


Nana Akufo-Addo, NPP Leader

None of you can claim to represent the youth by mere assumption that you look youth. You can prove that only by your policies for Ghanaian Youth.

The youth of these times should be alert and support political leaders who have reasonable and concise policies; not leaders who are trying to please the youth based on their physical look, past events or pretensions.

Tell us what you can do and if you make sense, after careful deliberations on your promises, we

Mr Hassan Ayariga, PNC Leader

would then decide to support you or not.

Dr. Abu Sakara, CPP LeaderHassan

The Youth Should Know them by now. They give several  excuses to their inability to deliver their promises. They talk about global economic crises; forgetting that these crises existed when they were making their empty promises.

As future leaders of Ghana, the youth must not vote based on ethnic lines. VOTE based on POLICIES!!

We can do it without them! Study your environment and identify any small opportunity and build it to have a positive impact on your society.


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