Breaking News: Ethiopian Prime Minister Is Reportedly Dead

Ethiopia’s prime minister  Mr. Meles Zenawi, 57, is reportedly dead. He came to power two decades ago and has been a strong force in the African sub region.

His health has been a talk for sometime now. The Ethiopian State news reported this morning this morning that he was receiving a medical attention but died as a result of some infections.

Though his deputy is would be taking over from him, it is not still clear whether other blocks may agree…

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Ethiopian Prime Minister Is Reportedly Dead

  1. Do you know late president Mills and the late Ethiopian president were the only African head of state who met with the US president in may?

    Does it ring a bell that both heads of state had their health worsened after their visits?

    Do you know both late heads of state were pro-China?

    Stay tuned for frightening details.

    Ask yourself weather the US can be implicated!!!

  2. What is happening to Africa? I think when we say a prayer, we should remember our leaders. It also tells us that we do not control our lives so what ever that has been entrusted to our care, we shall be held accountable by our maker one day. May his soul rest in peace.

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