BIG BROTHER STARGAME:Lovebirds Junia and Malonza Head Home

After last week’s Upville and Downville merge on Big Brother StarGame, the housemates are playing as individuals – but on this week’s live eviction show (8 July on DStv Channel 197 & 198 at 20:00 CAT), Africa’s votes sent a duo – lovebirds Junia and Malonza – packing.

Junia and Malonza

Goldie, Kyle, Lady May and Prezzo picked up more votes from Africa than Junia and Malonza, meaning they live to fight for the USD 300 000 prize for another week at least.

Last week’s evictees Tamara and Nafe have been amazed by the love they’re getting outside the house. Tamara said her highlights had been the fun she’d had in the house, the parties and the people she’d met. Nafe said it had been amazing to be walking down the street and have people calling his name and wanting to take pictures with him. He said he’d miss the noisy people in the house, like Keagan, Ola and Seydou and that the most important thing he’d learnt in the house was tolerance.

Capital FM’s DJ Joe from Kenya kept the Big Brother studio rocking as IK gave viewers a reminder of what had gone down in the house this week after the Upville/Downville merge. Keagan picked up yet another Head of House task win and the housemates spent a lot of time stuffing their faces as part of the task, as they all got to know each other and pondered the opportunities offered by playing the game as individuals from here on out.

After teasing Lady May about the way she’d been behaving around Keagan of late, IK asked the South African to reveal his ‘save and replace’ decision. Straight to the point as always, he told Malonza that he had saved himself and put the Kenyan up for eviction as he felt that the Kenyan trio in the house had a very strong bond.

As the news sank in, South African girl group Flychix performed It Girl before viewers from around Africa weighed in with their thoughts on the game. The Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo auditor made his way to the stage to hand over the results envelope, confirming to IK that the results had been verified. IK then took viewers into the house and asked all 6 nominated housemates to stand.

“Prezzo, you’ve had a good run – you’re still running, you’re safe,” said IK before turning his attentions to Kyle. “You my friend have been kind of quiet in the house… so I’m guessing that’s why your supporters have decided that you are not going home tonight,” he revealed. “Malonza, you have been absolutely amazing in the house, but it’s you Malonza, please leave the house now,” read IK.

Once the Kenyan had said his goodbyes, he joined IK on stage. IK quizzed him about the way he had switched from ‘bad boy’ to ‘Mr Smooth’ in the house, with Malonza saying he had ‘become happy’. “What was responsible for your happiness?” asked IK. “Junia” was Malonza’s response, before describing their relationship as “entirely just friends” and saying that anything that came out of it would be “a plus”. On being asked to describe his relationship with Janette, Malonza said that he had tried to keep boundaries in place.

Two housemates had to leave this week, so IK switched back to the house to deliver more news. He told Lady May and then Goldie that they would be staying, meaning that Junia was the next housemate to be evicted.

“How would you define your relationship with Malonza?” IK asked her as she emerged shoeless on stage.  “Hmm… We’re both single and… goodness…” was all she would say. IK also delved into her relationship with Keagan which had seen them bickering almost non-stop, but the Namibian said they had no problem and she guessed she had just got on his nerves sometimes. “In some parts of the world we’d say it’s because you like each other…” teased IK “No no no!” was the response – but IK wasn’t convinced.

After Junia had left the stage, IK returned to Upville for a final time to remind the housemates that they now stood a 1 in 10 chance of walking away with the USD300 000 prize in just 28 days’ time. He also told them that nominations would return on Monday and that everyone was fair game.

Nigerian hip hop star Davido closed out the show with his hit Dami Duro as the final 10 housemates settled in for an evening of contemplation ahead of Monday’s nominations.

The housemates make their nominations on Monday – and viewers will get to see how Keagan influences things as Head of House. Voting opens at 20:30 and continues until 06:00 CAT next Sunday. You decide who stays in the game, Africa, so get voting for your favourite! Each week, viewers stand a chance of winning amazing prizes by voting to keep their favourite housemates in the game. This week’s winners were: Alex Charles (Tanzania) who picked up a DStv HD Decoder, Irene Ndachi (Tanzania) won a Big Boy Scooter and Nadia Charles (South Africa) who took home a DStv Walka.


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