Personal and Up-close with DKB of BigBrother StarGame and It Runs in the Family Fame

On the 8th of June, 2012, the press had the opportunity to interact with DKB at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra – Ghana. and were represented.

The following were some thought provoking questions put to DKB.

The Scar on his face

DKB jokingly said he branded it. He however confirmed that he was attacked by a man at the Accra mall leaving the scar on his face.

Slapping Zainab

DKB said his actions were uncalled for and apologized; adding that it happened unexpectedly. He however stressed that, the fact that someone is naked or “showing his genitals” does not give any one the license to attempt to “play with it”.

Did DKB know he was nominated?

No. he was not aware, hence he did not slap Zainab because he was up for eviction. The incident happened in a spell of seconds and apologizes.

The way forward

He was hoping to continue his program on Viasat 1 (it runs in the family) and would use that platform to advocate for participants and Ghanaians to know that his unfortunate actions were purely situational and unacceptable and should not be entertained by anyone or repeated.

DKB also apologized to Sammy Forson and other DJs he “gossiped” about whiles in the BigBrother house. He confirmed stealing chocolates bars on about four occasions at Shoprite, Accra Mall, to prove that their security cameras were ineffective as they thought.

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