Story: What Pedestrians Should Know About the George Walker Bush (N1) Road

As of February 15 to March 8, there were 34 car crashes involving 52 vehicles  on the newly constructed George Walker Bush Road in Accra, Ghana. Thirteen (13) deaths recorded; ten (10) of the 13 deaths were people who sought to cross the road from one point to the other. (Statistics by Motor Traffic and Transport Unit of Ghana Police)

I travel in trotro (Public bus) and hear all kinds of suggestions and blames. As some section of the public is blaming the road contractors for not providing enough overhead foot bridges, others are surprisingly (and unacceptably) alleging the deaths of pedestrians to the work of demons.

What pedestrians should know is that, in as much as their claims about providing more foot bridges are very necessary and “their alleged demons cause”, the onus lies in your hands not to risk your lives by trying to cross the roads at your own convenient entry points.

It is important to realise that the road has many lanes hence the probability of crossing the road from one side to the other safely, may not happen as expected – by the time you crossed two lanes, a car is almost nearing you at the next lane; a major cause to most of the deaths on that road.

May the soul of the final year student and other pedestrians whose lost their lives on that road rest in peace.

Prince Baah-Duodu for


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