Amazing “Earth Hour” Photos: Some Big Cities Go Dark for 60 Minutes…For What?

Imagine a day when the whole world would agree to turn off all lights for a period of time. Think of those unexpected days when lights went off for some time; especially at nights…

Some major landmarks like Sydney,China and Singapore went “black out” for sixty good minutes, all in their quest to highlight Global Climate Change.

Watch the pictures below:

Power lines crossing in front of the Sydney Harbour bridge and city skyline (Reuters Image)

University students participate in a mini marathon during Earth Hour at the Great Wall of China north of Beijing (AP image)

The Marina Bay Sands hotel and ArtScience Museum in Singapore (Reuters Image)

The irony of this is that, whiles the above cities decided to go “black out” for a period of time, to help promote energy conservation, energy operators in the “so called developing countries”, decide to “take back electricity” any time they want; all in the name of helping improve services which never happen…

Story by Prince Baah-Duodu.    Images from: GuardianUK.


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