Story: Ghana- Mallam (Voodoo Man) Offers “Browsing on the Internet” Service to His Clients

Most developing countries like Ghana are encouraging the teaching and learning of ICT from basic schools throughout all levels of education to enable young people to be abreast with the information technology age.

As a matter of fact, internet has become an integral part of every nation’s development. It is useful in doing business and even helps in cutting down cost of having to travel long distances to deliver messages and documents as it used to be some years ago; an enemy to Ghana Postal Service?

However, what i saw somewhere in the Central Region of Ghana could not be the same as what leaders of most developing countries are advocating for their ensure peace and national development.

A Mallam (Voodoo man) has among his services “browsing on the internet”. This made me very curious to understand what it meant. Upon further research, i came to realise that he helps anyone who wants to use the internet to “defraud” his/her fellow, to do so through his spiritual backing. Interesting right?

Interesting indeed, as democracy in Ghana has given people the freedom to carry out every work he/she wants to do; whether good or bad…

It is ironic for a Voodoo man who has no computer/internet in his “office” to provide “internet browsing service” to his clients….


One thought on “Story: Ghana- Mallam (Voodoo Man) Offers “Browsing on the Internet” Service to His Clients

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