Story: Night Tax Collection Hits Ghana

I only knew that officials of municipal/district assemblies collected taxes once a day and this happened during day times

Kumasi Central Market

Kumasi Central Market - Image via Wikipedia

– however, this is seizing to occur in Kumasi; the garden city of Ghana.

Officials say they have realized that most people make lots of sales during nights in the Kumasi metropolis. These sales points are mostly provision shops, spots/bars, fried egg joints, check- check food joints, and tea sellers.

Officials are taking advantage of this to expand their revenue, since they need many funds to complete their ongoing projects.

Whiles some people have agreed to pay the 20 pesewas per night, others say it is illegal and unheard off to pay taxes in the mornings and nights as well. As such, the official working hours in Ghana is from 8am – 5pm (and so..?)

But is it a question of illegality or people compromising with officials to help government generate many funds to help better the lives of Ghanaians?

The argument continues…any new updates would be right on .


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