Story: The Mystery of Jahangir’s Chain of Justice

I came across this during my visit to Agra fort in India. I couldn’t keep it to myself but share with readers of

Jahangir Mahal in Red Fort Agra

Image via Wikipedia I found it incredible and informative to every well meaning individual.

Mughal King Jahangir instituted it in 1605 A.D. He recorded in his memoire that, after his accession, the first order he gave, “was for the fastening up of the chain of justice so that if those engaged in the administration of justice should delay or practice hypocrisy, the aggrieved might come to this chain and shake it so that its noise might attract my attention.”

Incredible facts about the chain

It was made of pure gold. It was 30 GAZ (80 Feet) in length and had 60 bells. Its weight was 4 maunds (1 quintal).

What makes it true?

Contemporary foreign travelers like William Hawkins personally saw it. It has also been depicted in a contemporary painting made in 1620.

Why the Chain?

It was a novel way to redress the grievances f people who could approach the King, the highest judicial Authority of the empire, directly without fee, fear or formality for immediate relief. There was no distinction between poor or rich.

Any lesson for modern Jurists?

It is as much a dream to modern jurists…Injustice has sent most vulnerable people to death, life imprisonment and to others; their future totally destroyed. Stop corruption and let true justice reign!

Prince Baah-Duodu,


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