Story: Ghana-You Could Lose Your Phone Number in March If…

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On July 1, 2010, Ghana started the SIM Card Registration Exercise which required users of mobile telephony services to register their SIM cards. Per the Legislation, no SIM card can be used if not duly registered by end of March 3, 2012.

The NCA, in collaboration with the Mobile Network Operators, has instituted a system which could enable you to verify whether your SIM is registered or not.

Just text your phone number to short code 400(toll free) of your service provider. A text sent to this number should come back with a reply indicating whether or not you are validly registered.

When i sent my text to 400, this is the response i had: “Dear customer, your number is registered on the vodafone network as BAAH PRICE . Thank you for resgistering. Vodafone, power to you.” 

Remember the name registered with my SIM (BAAH PRICE) is incorrect, so i need to visit my network operator to change it to BAAH-DUODU PRINCE. Please do so if you are not sure of a successful registration.


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