Story: New Closeup “White Now” Toothpaste; A Gimmick or Reality?

White teeth are loved by majority of people; most families are keen on the looks and health of their children’s teeth especially during their early ages.  Unilever, launched two new toothpaste (in Ghana) in late November, 2011 – the New Pepsodent Cavity Fighter and Closeup White Now – but the question is; is the “white now” thing really true or not?

Well, according to Lipstick addict, the new close up white now toothpaste did whitened her teeth temporarily.The fashpack blog showed the image below claiming that the new toothpaste really works. However, the post suggested that the difference could be as a result of the “romantic” lighting in the ballroom.

Can you see any difference? Have you used it before and what is your whole impression so far? I would be posting my own comparisons soon on this blog in part two of this story (as am not convinced).


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