Ghana: Gender Advocates Unhappy with Ghana’s Ministerial Reshuffle

Women empowerment and gender equality has become a controversial subject

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to talk about recently. While some school of thought says there is the need to deliberately apportion some percentage of leadership positions or opportunities to women, others think otherwise; to them, women were not limited anyway to be treated special when it comes to leadership positions, the only thing is that, there must be an equal playing field.
The President of Ghana, H.E. John Evans Atta Mills, on 25th January, 2012 reshuffled his cabinet ministers. This move has generated some missed feelings among gender advocates especially women.
Ms. Afua Agyapomaa, the Program officer of Abantu for Development, is unhappy with the fact that the reshuffle did not include women in the cabinet of the government of Ghana.
According to her, Ghana is not committing to a number of international treaties; hence there is the need for governments to realise that and stop what she claims is a discrimination against women.
When told that the appointment was based on competent and not gender, she queried; does all men in Parliament competent?
This issue is interesting but readers, do you think women should be allocated some percentage of leadership positions in all levels of leadership?  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Ghana: Gender Advocates Unhappy with Ghana’s Ministerial Reshuffle

  1. When it comes to gender balance, I think that women should be given the equal opportunity, but the issue is that, they (women) don’t avail themselves to take up such positions. I think is now time for the women to avail themselves, if I say women, I am not referring to the old faces that we know but those out there, with this we the men will support them to champion their course because it is always said “heaven helps those who help themselves” Thank you

  2. Quite a good article. My comment concerns the grammatical aspect of the article. I am sure one of your goals is to educate so let’s be a little bit more careful with our Grammar since we do not know who may be reading. Otherwise, it is an article that calls for reflections. Keep it up.

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