Story:Weird Alternative Forms of Transport That Tourists Love Most – A secret of India’s Tourism Growth

Apart from some of the popular world’s tourist centers like the Taj Mahal being present in India, which automatically compels tourist to visit there, these is one thing that makes tourists wanting to visit India over and over again; not their spicy foods but this time, the alternative forms of transportation (which are considered as weird and rickety) that links tourist centers in some areas together especially as i saw in Jaipur and Agra.

Prince at Taj Mahal, Agra

Do you think tourists would prefer using the normal taxis or buses for close range visits to tourist sites in same area or would like to try a horse or elephant ride, tricycle ride or the almighty auto rickshaw ride? Imagine you as a tourist…

As many nations, especially developing countries begin to explore tourism as a way of boosting their economy and proving jobs, there  is the need to identify what tourists need. Tourists travel to other countries because they want to identify themselves with something new; something seen largely as weird but its experience remains everlasting in their minds and hearts.

I observed the joy and the enthusiasm with which the numerous tourists at Jaipur and Agra (Taj Mahal and Agra fort) had when using these forms of transportation and I do think each person saw it as a great experience worth doing it over and over again and this is what tourists need. No wonder I ended up being a rickshaw driver for a few minutes; a moment I would always remember.

Prince driving Rickshaw...A great experience

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5 thoughts on “Story:Weird Alternative Forms of Transport That Tourists Love Most – A secret of India’s Tourism Growth

  1. Relating this to Ghana and the growth of it’s tourism industry, you would have to mention trotros. instead of rickshaws. Here in Kumasi, FOUR VILLAGES INN always suggests guests experience this efficient, inexpensive form of transport to get to the craft villages, especially Ntonsu the adinkra village and Adanwomanse, the kente village, and to Lake Bosumtwe. USAID sponsored brochures smartly include this means of transport in the “Getting There” section.

    Another alternative means, mostly commonly used in Africa, are the feet! One enterprising young man has started a walking tour of NIma that has been getting lots of positive reviews!

    And thirdly, there’s the dug-out canoe. The ride is a thrill for visitors to the stilt village in the Western Region.

  2. Aloha Prince!

    Oh, the Taj Mahal is on my “dream board” of places to visit! Your picture is just beautiful!

    In answering your question, I believe I would love to ride a rickshaw and see the sites right upfront with my own personal tour guide. Will you be my guide? LOL!

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures as I continue to dream and soon we will be there too.

    Much aloha,
    Kellie 🙂

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