Video/Pictures: Could This Be Animal Cruelty?

I spotted this on one of my trips… I must recommend the alternative transport operators (horse, tricycle, rickshaw). But the point is, I was shocked to see that ‘carved’ metals were nailed underfoot of the houses; may be to prevent their foot from wearing off. Did I see a plies, hammer, nails and a metal and for what purpose? …as the horse owners grip the poor animal which runs a long distance to transport its passengers?

All these 'Weapons' To be Used Against The Horse?

What I saw was these guys removing a worn out metal cap and subsequently fixing another underfoot of the animal. When they removed the metal and nails, I saw some holes with some soring (wounding) and a watery substance coming out, as the nails had pierced farther than expected.

One of the Nails had found it way deep down farther the horse foot

My question is, do we think animals have no sense of pain? Because the way some people do threat animals make some of us wanting to stop eating it at all. I felt so bad for the horse and think I wouldn’t use that form of transport again (for tourism purpose) unless other appropriate measures are taken; because on the lighter side, no one knows the prayer of the horse for the passenger…lol..But on serious note, I think appropriate authorities should start finding alternative ways to help the operators other than piercing nails to fix these metals.

I managed to capture it in the video below:


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