Story: 4 Attractive Gadgets That Could Be Cheaper In 2012

The year 2011 saw the introduction of ground breaking gadgets… As we gradually usher into 2012, i decided to find out about some electronic gadgets which may be cheaper especially, as the world is now panting for more sophisticated but affordable electronic products…Here is a list of the products that will probably be cheaper in 2012 via Y!news

1. Apple iPad 2: The iPad 3 will not feature a significant price drop (if any at all), but one thing is guaranteed — Cupertino’s forthcoming

Apple i pad 2

tablet will most certainly bring down the price of refurbished iPad 2s. (As the iPad 2 did for its predecessor.)

The iPad 3 may even cause resellers to offer more deals on new iPad 2 models as they try to move yesterday‘s tech to make room for Apple’s latest and greatest.


2. Standalone GPS Units with Lifetime Maps

The smarter our phones get, the greater the number of gadgets they’re capable of replacing. And no gadget is as close to extinction as the GPS unit. So it comes as no surprise to see manufacturers slash prices onstandalone GPS units with lifetime / live maps. Dealnews data shows that in 2011, units that were once fetching around $160 reached price-lows of just $70.

3. Android Tablets: 

The Kindle Fire has been Amazon’s most successful product ever launched. The release of this


groundbreaking tablet has, a-hem, ignited a fire among tablet manufacturers as they scramble to match Amazon’s $199 price tag. For consumers, the competition translates to better tablet bargains in 2012.

4. 3D HDTVs


3D HDTVs are a tough sell. Not only are they pricier than traditional CCFL-based LCDs and standalone LED-based sets, but they also require a bigger investment as you’ll have to purchase 3D glasses, a 3D Blu-ray player, and 3D Blu-ray discs to get the most from your 3D TV.

In 2011, we saw prices for 55″ 3D televisions drop 33 [percent] from $1,499 in January to $999 in December. The new year will bring an influx of new 3D TVs, which means vendors will try to combat lagging sales with discounts on 2011 3D HDTV models.


3 thoughts on “Story: 4 Attractive Gadgets That Could Be Cheaper In 2012

  1. Aloha Prince!

    I believe you are definitely right on those 4 gadgets being cheaper. As technology keeps on advancing at such a rapid pace, more and more will become cheaper. There will also be something newer and swifter to replace the 6 month old model. LOL!

    Thank you for your contribution to the world by posting a wealth of knowledge here on your blog.

    Much aloha,
    Kellie 🙂

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