RE-BIRTH; A Great Message To All My Friends (And Enemies, If Any) For 2012

I lost a childhood toy…but have the memory of the person who gave that gift with unconditional love. I lost the

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privileges and fantasies of childhood…but had the opportunity of growing and living free. I lost a lot of people whom I loved and still love…but had the affection and now have model from their lives. I lost moments of life because I cried instead of smiling… but I discovered that: it is from planting love that love is harvested.

I lost many things many times in my life. But in that “loss” today I aspire for the value of “gain”; because it is always possible to fight for that which we love; and because there is always time to start all over again. It is not important the time of life when you are tired. What is important is that it is always possible and necessary to restart.

Re-birthing is a new opportunity; it is renewing the hopes in life; and more importantly, it is believing in oneself.

Did you suffer greatly sometime?…that was time for learning. Did you cry a lot?… you were cleansing the soul. Did you feel spiteful?…it is a lesson on forgiveness. At times, were you alone?…it was because you closed the door. Were the times you believed everything was lost?…it is simply the beginning of your improvement. Did you feel lonely?…look around you and you will see people waiting for your smile, just to get closer to you.

A New Day....Coming

Today is an excellent day to start a new life project. Where do you want to go? Look higher, dream higher, desire the best; life brings us what we aspire. if we think small, the small will come. If we think firmly on the best, on the positive and we strive for it; the best will come in our lives.

Today is a great mental cleansing day. Throw away all that binds you to the past; all that hurts you. Discard everything into garbage; clean your heart; prepare it for a new life, and for new love; for we are passionate. We are capable of loving many times, because we are the manifestation of love.

Life calls you; it invites you to a new adventure, a new journey, a new challenge. This day; promise yourself: that you will do anything possible to achieve your objectives; trust in life, trust in yourself.

If you read this message, thank God for having someone who thinks of birth. Not all have that privilege. If you liked it, then send it to all your friends everywhere: including facebook, twitter, Google+, etc, including the author of this blog, if you want.  

Prince Baah-Duodu says – “A blessed New Year Awaits You In 2012…Be Hopeful!”

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12 thoughts on “RE-BIRTH; A Great Message To All My Friends (And Enemies, If Any) For 2012

  1. Aloha Prince!

    Wow! I am very inspired by your post for the New Year! And I am even more excited to work with you when you get back to Ghana! You are truly an exceptional guy Prince and I believe you are meant to do some very Great things and to help a lot of people!

    Thank you for your leadership and for helping your country and people all around the world. Your courage and tenacity is greatly admired.

    Much love & aloha,
    Kellie 🙂

  2. This is amazing! I’m completely touched… I would really appreciate it if you could be sharing your links on my facebook wall because they are really encouraging or if there is a better way in which I could be current with your blog you could just tell me. Do not rest on your oars & keep this up. GOD BLESS!!

    • Thank you Temi, I really appreciate your comment….you can subscribe to this blog from the top right side of the homepage. I sent you a friend request on Facebook too… Cheers!

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