Story/Video: Believe It Or Not!

Blog Author, India: I always hear some of these funny stories and ignore them, but i just decided to take a second look  at them today and i was really surprised that some of these events really did happened…read and watch the video below…

Ocean-dwelling Sea Slugs called “Sea Hares” are divided in the half-each, is male in the front half and female in the back.

When the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated during re-entry into earth’s atmosphere in 2003, an experimental batch of round worms survived the nearly unprotected re-entry and crash. BT

Dale Price of American Fork, Utah, USA, waved goodbye to his son’s school bus every day of the 2010-2011 school year – wearing a different costume every day.

Dale Price in one of his outfits waving at the bus, image: google

According to a story by metro UK, Dale Price is the world’s most embarrassing dad; wearing over 170 costumes and once even sat on a toilet outside the house with his shorts round his  ankles reading a paper.

Watch Dale Price wave goodbye in the video below:



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