A Story of 10 Guys: 24th December Night and Christmas Day At Wadhwana Village?

By Prince Baah-Duodu, Blog Author, Vadodara, India

A lot of celebrations go on during Christmas. Most people choose to go to shopping malls, cinemas, music shows, church, temple or mosque to pray while others choose to remain indoors.

Five of us at our arrival to Wadhwana, India

However, my friends and I chose to go to camp in a farming community in India. We set off from Vadodara city at 6: 30pm on 24th December, 2011.It took us two and half hours to get there after stopping at least three times on our way to confirm from people whether we were on the right road to the place. It was dark in the community though you could see some handful of bulbs light up in houses found amidst the tall trees in the village.

On our arrival, we checked into our room and first thing we did was to put some wood together and set up fire; at least to keep us warm in the cold environment of Wadhwana where you could only hear birds and other unknown animals sing either to make us happy or scare us….of course, we had heard that hyenas, pythons and cobras were common there…

Fire to Keep Us Warm

Meanwhile our drinks, spicy roasted chicken and rice were impatiently drawing our attention to start eating them as the aroma kept diffusing through our walls of our nostrils. “We had no choice but to end this human right abuse caused by the food”. The party continued till next day.

On the morning of 25th December, 2011, we quickly dressed up, took some hot tea and snacks and set of to visit the popular lake/Dam site which serves as a source of water for the commercial farmers to water their baileys used for brewing beer. As the farmers were busily shouting on their cattle to tilt the land, we were busily changing the magnification of our camera lens just to take a  perfect picture of a friend or the numerous birds flying as a team or in solitary while others were  tilting the telescope to get the best view of the lake or the beautiful nature’s handwork.

Birds on a Piece of Land in the Dam

By 11am, the Wadhwana village had suddenly become like the Wall Street in the USA; a place that looked like a cemetery as of the time we arrived in the night, were full of visitors. The People are nice, hardworking and we  really had fun; it was really sad when coming home because the trip gave me an opportunity to make friends with 8 other guys who were part of the group of 10 guys that embarked on the Wadhwana trip.It is always an experience to meet new people especially in a season like this… How did you spend your holidays? …..more pictures here


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