Interesting: 8 Bad Foods That Help With Weight Loss

There are some foods that are mostly  perceived as “bad foods”. But research has also shown that some of these foods could be helpful to our body when they are carefully taken each day. Now, let’s take a closer look at them below:


Although it contains saturated fat, coconut oil can actually increase your metabolism and help you lose weight, according to Coconut oil does not increase your cholesterol levels and it also has been shown to reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders.


Cheese is crucial to weight loss because of its calcium properties. Studies have shown that obese adults who eat diets high in diary lose significantly more weight than those who do not. On the down side, cheese is usually high in fat and salt.


Even if you are dieting, you shouldn’t have to go without dessert! Unlike ice cream, sorbet doesn’t contain fat, but it still has a creamy taste.


Nuts may be loaded with fat, but it’s the good kind of fat. They also have plenty of ‘filling’ fiber. So it may be worth it to snack on almonds, peanuts or cashews instead of potato chips or cookies.


For years there has been much debate over eggs: to eat or not to eat? But, alas, research has proven that eating eggs in the morning are good for you since they are packed with protein, which will keep you fuller longer.


You don’t have to shy away from red meat just because you are on a diet. A lean cut of steak has about the same amount of saturated fat as chicken.


Caffeine raises blood pressure and the heart rate, which can be bad for people with heart problems. But some studies have shown that caffeine speeds the metabolism and suppresses the appetite. But drinking sugary soft drinks or adding lots of sugar and cream to your coffee will negate caffeine’s positive effects.


It can stick to your dental work and ruin your teeth if you chew the sugary kind, but a professor of nutrition at the University of Rhode Island believes the act of chewing gum suppresses the appetite and stimulates the metabolism. Early results from the study, which has been underway since September, support the hypothesis, said Kathleen Melanson, who is leading the study. Subjects who eat less following a gum-chewing session, tend to express less hunger in the study’s questionnaires and show a significant increase in metabolic rate, Melanson said.

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5 thoughts on “Interesting: 8 Bad Foods That Help With Weight Loss

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    I love this article and it will fit right into our new venture together! I agree with everything stated here and i love your blog and everything you are bringing to your country and the world!

    We are excited to start working with you and having a part of our “ohana” (family in Hawaiian).

    Much aloha,
    Kellie 🙂

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