Ghana’s Deputy Information Minister, Baba Jamal, Must Apologise!

If anyone in the 21stcentury will still conclude that someone who made a first class or had high academic qualifications like a PHD, is more visionary and will be more successful to govern a country or bring innovations to businesses then the person may be wrong.

Baba Jamal

According to Baba Jamal, who is a deputy information minister in Ghana, the NPP flag bearer (2012), Nana Akufo Addo, emerged with a third class from the University of Ghana whiles his opponent, “Prof J.E.A Mills, Ghana’s president(NDC flag bearer, 2012), had his doctorate degree at the age of 27 years, and taught law for 25 years and was the boss of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for ten years whiles Nana Addo was just a lawyer, hence Nana Addo does not have the impetus to talk about intelligence and vision. (

And I am calling on the minister to come again. In these times of ours, we have come to witnessed many more people who did not achieve higher academic qualifications coming out with innovations and inventions. A lot of people are managing big businesses and even countries and are very successful.

So it will as a matter of fact, take an ignorant person to make such comparisons. And I am calling on the minister to come out and retract his comment and apologize to the academia, intellectuals, potentials and the world.

Nana Addo (left) and Prez Mills (right)

Being a visionary leader or your ability to reason and achieve positive results does not necessarily require one to achieve high academic results and it will be unfair for anyone to make comments to undermine one’s ability to help society through his potentials and innovations.

After all, Ghana has Emeritus and Professors, but you were appointed to a high position as a deputy minister of Information. Was it wrong?

Meanwhile, an incontestable information available to from the Office of the President has confirmed that Ghana’s President John Evans Atta Mills had a second class upper from the University of Ghana…So this actually confirms my argument and even add up to the fact that the information does not know how to seek and manage information, hence I repeat, he should come again!

Prince Baah-Duodu

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