India’s Diwali, A Festival Of Lights and Fire Crackers!

Diwali is celebrated in October in India.It is popularly known as the festival of light. According to the India calender, this period marks the beginning of a new year.

During this time, all streets and buildings are decorated with some unique lights of different colors. Apart from the horns of vehicles and motor bikes, the only sound you hear is that from fire crackers (knockouts).

Below is a gallery of some pictures taken on my walk to some areas in Vadodara, India.

But one unique thing i saw around is tent shops that were set up because of this festival. Under these tents are specially designed and packaged sweets (mostly chocolates). They are  perhaps the best gift you can give to someone during this period.

I definitely believe  you would all agree with me that the sound from fire crackers could be irritating and disturbing, but during this period, no law in India could make this act an offense, even if a fire cracker ended up on your forehead (just on the lighter side).


Prince Baah-Duodu




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