Gaddafi Is Dead…Fine, But Was It Right Treating His Dead Body Like That?

Mr. Gaddafi

Was it really right for fighters to play with Gaddafi’s dead body as seen in videos? Seriously, it is true that some of his actions as a leader may not be right and hence your quest to fight him.

With help of NATO and others, you successfully had him on the run, yet never leaved Libya.Gaddafi was killed on 20th October,2011 and according to some reports, he was not dead when captured but unfortunately died in the ambulance to the hospital (as he sustain wounds in his legs and

Why would you then disgrace him like this? Take him from the ambulance, drag him on the streets of Sirte. This was unfortunate and uncalled for and someone ought to be  rebuke  for this.

Kwesi Pratt, a leading member of the Socialist Forum and managing editor of the Insight newspaper, says,“killing any head of state, whether he is a dictator or a democrat; what NATO has done is appalling, it’s disgraceful and needs to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. This is an assassination, this is illegal and this is an act of terrorism…” (

All those who wanted him dead now, are you really happy for how he was handled on the streets?I decided not to show this video on my blog but for records and for sincere people to watch and rebuke such an act.

I am not fully in support of his kind of leadership but somehow, he contributed to the growth of  the African region and even the world.

Touching on the memory of Gaddafi, Kwesi Pratt intimated that “Gaddafi was an enigmatic figure. He was full of contradictions. He opposed the monarchy; he overthrew the monarchy, and gained respect for that: and then he sought to become a [monarch],” adding, “Gaddafi will also be remembered as a person who worked hard to uplift the living standards of the Libyan people.” (

The existence of AU is questionable now…..Be active and fight for your own. Gaddafi is gone, who is next-President of Sudan?.If they will refuse you aid, you will not die!

Prince Baah-Duodu


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