When Propaganda Becomes The Order Of The Day, Castles Are Built In The Air

In the 21st century, the world cannot wait for visionless leaders. It has therefore become a must for every person who seeks to be a leader of a group or country to ensure that the living conditions of his/her followers are significantly improved through good and sustainable policies

So it becomes very disheartening when leaders who travelled the length and breadth of a country convincing citizens to believe in their policies and vote them to power, suddenly forget that and do otherwise.

Prof. Mills, Ghana President

Before you make any decision to be a President of a country, then automatically, it means that you have studied the socio-economic status of the country, including the success and flaws of the current government and so as soon as you assume office, you know the strategies to implementing a sustainable and successful policies to better the lives of the citizens.

But what we are witnessing today in Ghana baffles me. I wonder if the Prof. Mills led administration really took their time to study where the erstwhile Mr. Kuffour led administration started from and how they ended their term. I mean it was the responsibility of the NDC government to critically analyze all the policies implemented by the NPP government and decide whether it was worth it to continue or scrap them off. Did they do this? May be not!

I was stunned to read that the President reportedly blamed the previous NPP government for the challenges he is currently facing with the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) , to the extent that he was reported as saying that the NPP left no money for the commencement of SSSS meaning that this is a cause to his inability to put all sectors into the systems and for that matter doctors, who have been on strike for some days now.

Seriously, Mr. President, you had this wrong. I have not met you personally before, but I know the kind of person you are; knowledgeable, humble and listening. Hence, in your quest to convince the striking Doctors to resume to work, this platform was not appropriate for you to make such a statement.

As a matter of fact, your comment would rather worsen the case and alert Doctors to harden their heart and continue striking. Because, Doctors will say that, okay good, if the President himself says that no money was left for SSSS then what is the assurance that we would be migrated into the structure any moment from now?

In my opinion, the whole propaganda that surrounded the SSSS when your government started migrating sectors in to the system was not handled well. It was done in haste; people thought that once you started, it was going to continue. Others were also made to believe that huge sums of monies were going to be added to their salaries.

If you took your time, even 2-3 years to study the system and come up with strategies to raise funds to ensure that once you started, it was going to be a continue process to migrate all sectors without any hiccups, it would have saved all these problems. In fact, this time would have been the best for you to do the migration. And I hope you understand why.

The whole propaganda thing that is becoming part of the lives of politicians in Ghana, both government officials and the opposition parties especially, the NPP party is a setback to a sustainable development of our beloved, “the economic gateway to west Africa”, Ghana. If politicians in Ghana do not re-think and start debating on real issues confronting the country, you would be doing a great harm to the future of the youth in Ghana.

Nana Akufo Addo, Flagbearer, NPP

So it saddens my heart when I hear young people who are very desperate for power also joining the race of insults and disrespect for the elderly. The only way that politicians in Ghana, will take the youth in serious, is when you unite and pressure them to deliver based on their numerous promises prior to their election as leaders of the country. But if young people are lured to fall into their trap with promises of being giving government positions, then, woe on to you!

Why would the leaders and followers of NPP and NDC make fun of private life issues of their flagbearers.NDC is almost making majority Ghanaians to accept that Nana Akufo Addo is a drug addict and hence not cut to be a president of Ghana, and all these accusations have not been proven through any means. It was recently reported that the NPP too claims to have Health and Sexual records of Prof. Mills and Mr. John Mahama which will also go a long way to prove to Ghanaians that The President and his Vice are probably adulterous and womanizing.

All these tells me that Politics in Ghana is changing for the worse, and that some politicians as a matter of urgency should not be allowed to speak in public or be rebuked of their bad comments.  The good people of Ghana must not accept this. You are too precious to be taken for a ride. In fact, all that these propaganda politicians are trying to tell Ghanaians is that they need power at all means to recoup all that they have lost through their journey to making you vote them to power. Their actions depict this.

In my opinion, Ghana has spent the past three years debating on who is right or wrong, accusing ,with some politicians making insulting comments and doing virtually nothing to improve the living conditions of the ordinary Ghanaian. We should not be carried away by the numerous polls that are reportedly suggesting that Ghana is making great strides economically and other areas of governance. Most of them  are people’s perceptions and may not necessarily be what is on the ground. We should walk the talks and stop the blame games. Great leaders strive for excellence even in the midst of the impossibility.

Prince Baah-Duodu



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