Obama, Yes We Can?

Mr. Barack Obama, US President

The year 2008 was an amazing year for Mr. Barack Obama. How one man would win the hearts of the majority of people in the world like that? Obama’s name was everywhere and people mentioned it with joy and not in vein. Even some new businesses and products were named after Obama because the name needed no more explanation and money for advertisement; ‘it was a selling product in its own’.

People had high hopes in him to help improve the US and the world’s economy. His ‘Yes We Can’ phrase made waves everywhere. Unfortunately, the history making President was met by one of the worst financial crises in the world.

The years gone by and Obama is pushing had to meet his promises. There are some major Bills on the economy being push through congress which he hopes can help raise money to boost the US economy and also help create jobs for the majority.

The Honorable President, will have to do all these to ensure that he will be in a good position to again convince the American electorate in 2012. But all hopes are not lost for the young President of the United States. Amidst all the criticisms and what seems like his ‘Yes We Can’ is not probably happening, there is hope.

We live to see what 2012 brings for Obama as he will have to step up his convincing power in sending his message to the electorates across the United States. This will definitely not be easy for him, as some polls suggest that his popularity has dwindled. Not only that but he faces the Republicans who have studied his successes and flaws and will do their best possible to also convince the divided electorates that ‘Yes We Can’ is not a possibility.

From now till November, 2012, the ‘political birds’ will be singing. The electorates will have no choice but to wait and listen to their songs and decide which song sounds good in their ears. Can’t wait!

Prince Baah-Duodu: www.baahduodu.wordpress.com



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