The Graduation Song

So each year fresh students enter tertiary institutions .Ironically that point probably ends the tertiary life of others who are graduating. As fresh student entering school, your dream is to make a good class, for most people, first class. Somewhere along the line, you begin to wonder whether you will achieve this aim. You are faced with lots of challenges like scoring lower marks, bad relationships, immoral acts, and others.

It gets to a time that the same student who were so much happy of gaining admission into the University or Polytechnic, wished he/she had completed so soon. Your anticipation to complete early grows especially in third or final year. This time, you are also concerned about leaving school to start a ‘good life’ or be free from all these early morning lectures or the commands from your lecturers or heads.

Finally, you end your first degree and the joy is much. And it seems the whole world is yours. But for some people, the joy later diminishes with time, especially as graduation approaches or when the final year results (GPA) are released. Did i performed well or had a ‘respectable class’? Your fears begin to grow because you think that you will not be accepted by your own peers because you probably did not perform well. People actually will call you to inform you what you had to let you know that they know it.

For others, whether they performed well or not, that is not their worry because they passed out successfully without any repeat or fails. As long as they had their certificates (and medals), they are happy and will not let anything be of worry to them. So a lot of things go through people’s minds.

Finally graduation day comes and young graduates overcome their fears and are cheerful. After all, at that moment, you don’t find someone or lots of people asking you what you had. Because, they have seen it already, discussed it,’ mocked’ you in your absence and praised those who did well.

But the question is what happens, after all these? Your ability to come out of your shell and make a positive impact on your life and society counts well. Under normal circumstance your life after graduation will be longer than the life you have spent already. Will you rely on your certificate, hoping that is the key to be successful or you will be the exceptional person you’ve always dreamed of?

The graduation song is the moments you had together with your friends and families; the pictures, the food, the parties and the relationships. But when the song ends in 2-3 days time, you suddenly realise that you see them no more, especially your friends. At this time, you are in the house, thinking of what to do next.  Don’t let this period last long as you may not like the aftermath.

The national service period should be a transition for you to finally decide to continue your education, get employed into your dream company, be an entrepreneur yourself or volunteer to a course. Any more time wasted after this period, brings frustrations and an attempt to take on a life you never dreamed of.

Prince Baah-Duodu:


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