“In the World of Crabs”


One of the biggest challenge Africa is facing in our world of politics is the fact our politics is more of that of the world of crabs instead of the world of ants. In the world of crabs in a basket, each crab is trying to get out the basket. At the same time, each hinders the other’s chances of getting out first, so they all end up perishing in the basket with time.

In the world of ants, much love and coordination is observed. When an ant comes into contact with food, with time, you observed other ants joining to help propel the piece of food to their shelter or a place where the food can be protected.

What do we see today? Several political parties are being formed each election year. Some parties are formed as a result of break away from an existing party. Some reasons could be because, one feels that he/she was not given a position promised before election or perhaps, he/she was not given part of the ‘booty’. So we always hear accusations from various divides of our leadership.

Instead of the opposition to make constructive comments about the developmental policies of the ruling government, they rather see everything wrong with it and will do their best possible to condemn it. The ruling government on the hand believes that it is my time so no advice from the opposition will be considered whether good or bad. So all that we here every day, is insults and blames.

You see, in the 21st century of ours, only leaders who accept their mistakes and listen with ‘their two ears’ will be successful. When you listen with your two ears, you pick up the good and the bad. You are able to filter the bad once out and make use of the good. Even a good leader can come out with something good from a bad advice.

Because of the blames and unnecessary accusations, all in an attempt to paint the other to look dirty and unmarketable, the accuser, do not critically observe issues well to develop strategies to help develop the society, so when  they eventually win power, they use almost all the first political term, observing issues and learning as well. The next message to the ordinary person on the street will be that, i made all the correction and fixed the problems, now give me another term to make you rich.

But now, there is hope as young people of today are sending positive messages across to the world that if you are a tyrant leader or if you will not give us development as you promised, then we cannot assure you of another term. Young people are tired of the lies and blames and they are ready to ensure that leaders live up to task to deliver their promises.

Prince Baah-Duodu: www.baahduodu.wordpress.com


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