50% of Graduates for 2011 would be Jobless: A Wakeup Call to the Youth!

Graduation Student

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Legon, Prof. Ernest Aryeetey has predicted a rise in graduate unemployment in the country.

He said that 50 percent of university graduates will be jobless two years after their national service; whilst 20 percent will use the three-year period after national service looking for jobs.

He said more than 20,000 students graduate from the various tertiary institutions in the country every year, and it is believed less than half of them get employed. (Modernghana)

So the question is what came into your mind when you read this? I believe, almost everyone will blame government for unemployment. But i also believe that this is an opportunity for young people, especially graduates to create sustainable business for themselves so that they do not become a heavy burden on parents and the nation as well.

This prediction made by Prof Aryeetey, if really happens, will not be good news for the nation because, other social vices which cause insecurity may increases in the country. How can such a number of graduates live in the country unemployed for years and remain calm?

Though i will not solely blame government for rise in unemployment among the youth in Ghana, there is an immediate need for government to step up its policies on job creation to cut down employment in the nation drastically.

It is amazing when one think of these issues in Ghana. Almost every major facility that Ghanaians are proud of today, were put up during Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s time as President of Ghana. Yet he did not make ‘noise’, may be he did not get the chance! Meanwhile, for the past decade till present, trumpets have been been blown by our leaders that they are the pioneers of the development of Ghana. “May be these projects are in their virtual stages so very soon, we shall see them physically”.

One school of thought think that if governments, either now or those to come, cannot guarantee jobs for the majority of graduates after their national services, then there is no need of forcing them to be posted to where you want; let graduates submit their own companies, at least, they are hopeful that there is high probability of being maintained at their choice. Whiles others think that graduates, especially those from the public institutions, have a responsibility to serve the nation, so they have no right to demand where they should be posted to.

Whichever way, the debate still goes on but the main issue is that, governments must be committed to unemployment in the country where as these moments should also be seen as an opportunity for graduates to come out of their shells and start a meaningful business themselves.

Written by Prince Baah-Duodu for:  www.baahduodu.wordpress.com



One thought on “50% of Graduates for 2011 would be Jobless: A Wakeup Call to the Youth!

  1. Mr. Prince,

    I agree to thought about the Youth to start a business for sustainable growth of country.. But believe me starting a business is not piece of Cake specially in this competitive world. I would rather suggest the people who have already been handling business should try to diversify their business to bring new areas of learning to young people like us. If you see growth of India it all started with good Agricultural success till now IT and outsourcing human resource the whole journey big players are handling the employment.

    I would also suggest not to reply on Government for everything as being youth its our duty to stand and run the country Government of course they have their work to do…

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