Wonders shall never end!

Oh My God!

I only knew that once you die and buried or cremated, then the next thing will be your soul waiting for judgment. At least, that is the belief of majority of people on planet earth. I don’t know about the rest of the planets!

I recently got to know that some people are also hopeful that in some years to come, it will be likely for doctors to medically revive a dead person. So the option is cryonics; where the corpse is preserved in a low temperature medium and this will keep the corpse from rotten even after hundreds of years.

The irony is that, even if we are told that in the next five years when you die, you can be medically revived, not everyone will have this opportunity. This is because, this process is expensive.

There are two types of cryonics; one comprises your full body suspension and for the other, your head region separated from your body to be preserved…sounds funny!

In fact, i read that some few rich people have done it and waiting for the day; and a very famous super star announced (last month) his decision to go for cryonics. At the end of the day, what will prompt you to make this decision?  Your decision will definitely be based on what/ who you believe in (your faith counts!).

– A ‘Balanced’ food for thought from India!

Prince Baah-Duodu




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