Just for Laughs……a cultural shock in India

Laughing person

Hi friends…

Seriously, if you are planning of coming to India (Vadodara) sometime to come, then shave all your hair before coming or may be bring your own barber or better still, be your own barber.And this applies to people with short ‘stiff’ hairs like mine.

This week, i went to the barbaring shop to make my short hairs even shorter.When i entered the saloon, the barber smiled and i think he wondered whether i was coming to make my hair longer or probably a massage….heheehehehe

So when it was my turn, i sat on the seat and the barber had no idea what to do.He kept on  touching my hair thinking how to start. And my friend said “man, they are going to experiment with your hair”. They managed to cut some off.When he asked me whether, it was ok, i had no choice than to say, yes….knowing that, a no response, will cause me to wear a hat!

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