From India With Love (Episode 9): Don’t Price An Expensive Future for the Youth of Ghana

So if any of the children of our insulting politicians called him/her a ‘greedy bastard’ or a ‘stupid fool’ or a ‘fruit cake’ or a ‘good for nothing person’, what would they do to that child? I guess that child would receive some lashes of canes and be refused a lunch or pocket money for that day and if possible, up to a couple of days.

So if we all accept that insults are not accepted in our Ghanaian upbringing and culture, then why are leaders and people who majority of Ghanaians look up to as role models have suddenly made it part of their everyday speeches and debates?.Unfortunately, insults are not only exclusive to your private conversations with your friends at bars or leisure time hide outs, but on radio and television discussions. Almost every day, we wake up to hear politicians insulting each other. Sometimes intra party (during primerates) but mostly as we hear these days are interparty insults.

Please, could you go back to the days of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and our colonial masters? At that time, Ghanaians were been treated inhumanely, but in the quest of the then politicians to gain power from the rulers and subsequently among themselves, Ghanaians did not witnessed such an era of insults. They had the power to do so everyday but they all realized the reason for ‘fighting’ for power- to ensure peace and national development. National development demands the corporation of the nation and not your party members or sympathizers!

So my worry is that, why would you insult and paint others black, forgetting that when you win power, you would need the corporation of all Ghanaians to undertake all your so called ‘national development agenda’. If you as politicians really think of Ghanaians and not your own selfish gains, why would you want to make the people of our future generation enemies of each other?

I am asking this because, if your generation as leaders are insulting each other and painting the picture to young once; your children and families, those who may be part of your political parties and people who love you just because you provide them with certain needs, that you are enemies, then very soon, the insults would transformed to fighting among the future generation because they would have no new insults to say to each other because you have said all and probably would not be so powerful to defame their opponents. So the best thing is to start another political unrest in the country. Please insulting politicians, your actions are sending this nation to an era which may undermine the peace we are enjoying now.

I appreciated it when the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church, said that they would be forced to tell their members not to vote for insulting politicians. Well said, but would Ghanaians be able to make that decision? A decision not to vote for the two major political giants (NPP and NDC), who have been alternating power some years now. That, Bishop, i think would not be that easy to do! Because the truth is that the way people votes or become affiliated to political parties in Ghana, goes beyond their religious backgrounds and their respect for opinions from their religious leaders. Ethnicity plays a key role in the politics of Ghana than religion! But with time, this is gradually changing, so may be your request may happen but not sooner.

The only way for Ghanaians to respond to politicians who insult is to be one and go beyond their political affiliations and ethnic backgrounds and say that we are tired of your insulting behavior and vote such people out of office, even if a third political party is to be given the chance to rule Ghana other than NPP and NDC.

Insulting politicians must realize that they would gradually lose the respect that some of us have for them and even from their children as well. Would they be able to punish their children or condemn the youth if they see them insulting in public or any platform?

This behavior is rather undermining our growing democracy and national development because unfortunately, Ghanaians would decide to punish politicians or a political party just because they were full of insults, even though they were performing or had good plans for the nation. We may not witness this now but i strongly believe that it is a gradual process. Previously the pattern of voting was relatively based on ethnic background or loves for a political party but at least the previous two elections were warnings from Ghanaians that they now vote based on some critical issues: arrogant and insulting politicians would not win power even if you would ‘rain’ manner from the sky! Ghanaians have now developed adaptations to live in the harsh conditions you put them through after winning power; increasing fuel prices even when you preached against that whiles in the opposition and showing them arrogance when you showed them love when you needed their vote.

The culture of Ghana demands sanity and respect from each other. If the grownups would not respect each other, then please be prepared to not to receive respect from the young once! They would give their respects for themselves and build a strong network for their future, because they love their selves and their lives so please don’t price an expensive future for them!

Written by Prince Baah-Duodu (


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