Is Africa a Jungle Continent?

In my early childhood, i used to hear stories that most people in the other parts of the world thought that the continent of Africa was actually a thick forest largely dominated by wild animals and some human beings, Hehehe…funny! I found it difficult to believe it back then, because it was not true for me. May be those who thought that had not travelled to Africa then and asuch i will not blame them because, may be, they had no access to internet or most African countries rather had no proper internet accessibilities at that period.

But right now in this global village of ours, do people still think that? Why would they think that? Is it that they cannot read the good stories coming from Africa or possibly they cannot access the internet to find out the State of the African continent? Friends, Ghana reached the quarter finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Did no one watch the world cup matches which was shown on televisions of almost every ‘modern society’? The President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama, visited Ghana shortly after he was elected President of the most powerful nation of the world. And this was reported by almost all major media groups in the world. No one heard or watched it! Zimbabwe and South Africa are popular in world cricket tournaments. Ivory Coast until recently was the largest producer of Cocoa in the world. Even when they lost that title, Ghana became the world’s largest producer of Cocoa.

So what is actually preventing some people from hearing all these great stories from Africa? Obviously, these records cannot be made by a ‘Jungle continent’. Why? The answer is clear!

I am blogging about this story because i never believed that people still see Africa as a Jungle until some individuals approached me and spoke as if they had travelled to the supposed ‘jungle continent’ before. I mean they presented their story as if they knew what they were talking of. Surprisingly, friends, they ended up even telling me that Amazon forest was in Africa. What is this? People meet you and talk to you about Africa and the main thing that comes out is that; so how is the jungle like? What jungle? You don’t know and you are asking me?

Now, i see myself as a self appointed ambassador to actually let people who come my way or even far from me, know that Africa has developed. In fact, the continent is producing some of the finest talents, who are driving the economy and seeing to the progress of our current world.

I just want to take this opportunity to tell all African leaders that, their information and communication machineries must be made to work effectively to ensure that the voice of the mighty continent is heard everywhere in the world. This is possible!

Friends, please we are all one people. I only wrote this story to send a simple message about Peace and Love. Thank you for reading.

Written by Prince Baah-Duodu for


One thought on “Is Africa a Jungle Continent?

  1. Mr Prince,
    I think your comment is really amazing and shows your respect for your continent.
    But I would like to share a point You cant judge on the basis of few people you met here and there on street of India. I have met many people from many different part of the world. And trust me they all always have this wrong thinking about India as well.But people who are sensible always feel like part of this country when they leave. funny….

    But the only thing is people don’t aware about many things in this world… If you ask same people being white they might ask you only about US or London or some very few European country. where as Europe has around 70-80 countries itself. And for them south American content rather doesn’t exists or its same as Africa….

    We can claim we are part of Global village but it doesn’t apply for many of the people who don’t work outside their city. We all are lucky to get part of such a beautiful organization called “AIESEC”. It actually helped a lot.

    thank you,

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