From India with Love- And I saw the Flower Praying before God :Episode 7

The world is a ‘global village’ but we do not share the same cultures or believes. Hehehe….Friends, what would you use a flower for if i gave it to you early in the morning? What would you even use it for if you were cutting your lawn early in the morning? So what really comes to your mind if you think of flowers? Do you think of plucking that beautiful flower in your lawn for that lovely friend, your husband or wife? I guess these are questions that would keep ringing in your minds because we do not normally consider them.

Well, i always see people plucking flowers into bowls or plates which sometimes contain some amount of water. And i wonder what the flowers will be used for. Sometimes, i try hard to ask them but i hold my breath, because i dare not start being inquisitive, when i am just a month old in India!

During my research, i found out that these flowers are actually presented before God when the people are praying. Woaw, i never knew that! What role do these flowers play then?

But folks, i am beginning to notice something and this is it: Indians seems to have alternative uses for everything:

Flowers are mostly presented as gifts to love once and at the same time, they are placed on the tomb of the dead person as ‘gifts’, in most parts of the world but Indians mostly present it to God when praying in the mornings.

Cattle are killed and eaten in other parts of the world but in India, they are seen as holy so not eaten. The elephant are killed in some parts of Africa just because of the ivory leaving the whole elephant to rot but the Elephant is also observed as holy in India.

The hunter from my continent arms himself, leaves his house to the habitat of the ‘little’ Squirrel to kill it causing ‘fear and panic’ to other animals whiles Squirrels are moving freely and unharmed on walls and in homes of people in Baroda.

You see friends; some of these practices help to conserve the beautiful creations God gave us and to help sustain our degrading environment. I am not saying that everyone should do that but we should try and find some alternative and important uses to some natural resources around us, at least it adds a step to solving our environmental problems.

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Written by Prince Baah-Duodu for


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