In the Attempt to Save the ‘Bowl of food’, She dropped her Child to Death

Folks, each day, so many things happen that may sound unbelievable. But the truth is that they are real. I definitely believe that this woman never dreamt of this happening to her that day. If she knew, she wouldn’t have even thought of feeding her child. Some things happen so that we all learn from it but the truth is that an issue like this could be repeated by lots of people because it seems not to be controllable but partially involuntary, if i may be right.

For example, you are holding a phone in your left hand and suddenly, a mosquito bites you so painfully on your right hand. What would you do? Don’t say that you will put the phone down and hit that part of your body. The truth is that, you will unexpectedly lift your left hand to hit that part without even thinking of your ‘BB storm’ phone.

This woman wakes up in the morning and due to her love for her child, she decides to feed him. This child was not cooperating so the lovely mum decides to carry the baby on her chest and go to her balcony to show the child some passing cars. You know mums and their tricks! She was holding the bowl containing the food too at the same time.

The bowl slipped off her hands and in an attempt to catch the bowl, she lost grip of the child. The baby fell from the 9th floor of the building and folks you know what would happen…..

I know some of us may start blaming the poor mum as to why she went to the balcony with the baby in the first place. But please leave her alone, because until something happens, sometimes you have no idea that it could even happen on planet earth.

This is a real life story that happened in India. It was reported in the India Times. May the Baby’s Soul Rest In Perfect Peace!



One thought on “In the Attempt to Save the ‘Bowl of food’, She dropped her Child to Death

  1. Wow my boss the story is really touching, however, it is an important issue that you have raised here. For me, my key learning point is that, we should not be quick to judge but go beyond just the headline and think deep into the factors that may be the real cause. And that is the only angle where we can tackle the issue. We really need a lot of that in our society.
    May the baby’s soul rest in perfect peace.


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