Episode 5:FROM INDIA WITH LOVE-The Love, the Culture, the Miss feelings and the Sign communication

The Love, the Culture, the Miss feelings and the Sign communication

Friends, it is not so easy to mingle with the people. But i think that it is normal. With time, maybe it will be alright. (But at work place or in AIESEC office, you know we have no choice but to move and shake it’).

Sometimes you walk on the streets and people look at you and even point at you to others and you don’t know what they are saying about you. What makes this ‘uncomfortable’ is the fact that they keep ‘smiling’ and you do not know whether they are making fun of you or they are showing love to you…. Hehehehesorry, I had to laugh folks!

Occasionally, you meet people who will call you and ask where you come from. So i have a riddle for you: which country do you think they will mention if you said you were from Africa? Think of it…Anytime you say you are from Africa, they exclaim: oh, South Africa! Please, Ghana government, i deserve a ‘28 karat gold’ national medal! Because i am actually promoting Ghana here; People are getting to hear the name of Ghana for the first time!

Sign communication is actually helping me in India, because english language is not spoken by most people. Therefore, i often had to communicate to people using sign especially when i visit some local shops and food joints. So folks: what would you do, if you were to use sign language? “I am buying Chinese fried rice”. May be video it and send to be published here.

But the funniest times are when i have to travel in a Rickshaw and i don’t have the address of where i am going to, in written form …you have no idea what happens! Hehehehe…….

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Written by Prince Baah-Duodu for: www.baahduodu.wordpress.com


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