New…From India with Love: Episode 4

the Rickshaw, the Young, the Old, the Right Hand Drive and the Traffic…

I always get this wrong. Instead of opening the left door of the front seat to sit, i rather open the right door. Ghana drives left. Unlike India, they drive right. It is always confusing.

But have you seen or sat in a Rickshaw before? These three wheeled small cars are perhaps the most patronized form of transportation. They are mostly sprayed green and yellow.

I stand to be corrected, but from what i have seen and upon talking to people, every person in Baroda owns a motorbike or a bicycle. Even kids, have their own small size bicycles. So i walk on the streets especially in the mornings and i see numerous motorbikes and rickshaws and some salon cars.

In fact, the vehicular traffic on the streets of Accra is worrying, but the more ‘networked traffic’ can be found here if am right. Sometimes, i get scared on the motorbike, because you need to be an excellent driver to avoid certain actions put up by rickshaw and other motorbike drivers…

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