My Sign Communication Skills worked for me this morning in India….

So it all happened this morning on my way to work.It was just 5mins for me to get to my work premise when i saw a large  pool of water some meters from where i was standing.I had no idea what to do because it pained me so much.

My worry was that, if i had to use another road to my office, then i would have to spend almost an hour to get there and in fact i had not used that road before, so another ‘wahala’ or problem for me….

But hey, i had a great plan.That road is not mostly used by vehicles and asuch, i do not know them and english  conversations would be another factor, unless i was lucky.And i was lucky too but i think this was ‘hard luck’ cos i was going to prove my sign communication skills again and folks, it really made it for me!

Because, i stoped this guy who was on a high speed with his motorbike. I tried to let him know that i was late to work but i can’t walk in the pool of water so i need his help.And this worked.

In fact, i did not know how it worked! hehehehehe……..

Watch out  today;Episode 4:From India with Love


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