My journey to Baroda….from Mumbai Airport

I hired a government prepaid taxi (Rs. 340) to Bombay central train station. India has an organized rail transport system. (I wish Dr. Kwame Nkrumah lived to achieve his dream for Ghana…).I already had my class 1A electronic ticket print out, but i had to wait for 4hrs till departure time. At 7:05pm, the train was set off to Baroda city.

Unfortunately, i was starting a 6 -hour journey, which i never knew prior to coming to India and i had since been in my suite. Did i hear you asked whether i ever brushed my teeth or bathed? Ha-ha… may be not! Folks, i was afraid that the train may pass by Baroda to say Indore, so initially, i decided not to sleep. Because i was in a first class coach, so had access to air condition, fan and well laid bed.

Moreover, i was tired! But at a certain point, i could not cheat nature again, so i asked Papa God to wake me up at 1am and also set my phone alarm. Luckily, i woke up at 12:55am on 7th July, 2011. I was picked up to my accommodation in Baroda city and that night, i had only one feeling- to come back to Ghana… I really felt bad! Don’t know why dudes.

Episode 3 coming soon!

Written by Prince Baah-Duodu for:


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