Episode 1

So after the yellow fever vaccination, embassy and flight ticket issues, i finally left Accra, Ghana, on an Emirates flight to Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) on 5th July, 2011. However, I did not arrived the same day as i had to transit from Dubai on another Emirates flight to Mumbai. Therefore, i arrived on 6th July, 2011.

In fact, i was really happy. I was looking forward to seeing the beautiful city of Mumbai and Vadodara, formerly called Baroda, where i would be staying throughout my internship. My expectation really shot up 20% more upon seeing the beautiful city of Dubai from the aerial view and subsequently touching the ground. Frankly speaking, the city is really beautiful!

Mumbai is actually one of the famous cities in the world. In Africa, especially Ghana, most people would love to visit the city because of its historic sites. Seeing lots of beautiful pictures about Mumbai, prior to leaving Ghana, i was really expecting more … But i got disappointed right after landing at the airport. I never saw what i was expecting to see- the beautiful city i had in mind. But hey, i can’t judge further because of what i noticed:

  1. That part of the city is currently seeing a lot of constructional activities-modern buildings.
  2. Also, i did not get the chance to visit a lot of places in Mumbai before living to Vadodara.

Before i even talk about my journey to Baroda, let me talk about immigration issues. Hey so how do drug traffickers maneuver through this tight immigration checks undetected sometimes? Hmmm… Aboa bi beka wo a… because, i was instructed to remove my shoes, my belt and my jacket at Accra and Dubai. After all these, i added my laptop and phone. All these stuffs passed through scan, including my body. Pardon me ooo… guys, even my endowments were scanned!

At Mumbai Airport, i got lost completely. For some seconds, i taught i was in a charismatic Christians’ prayer meeting. Seriously, no one was speaking english, only native languages. So all that i could do was to be smiling and nodding my head. I never knew that i was an expert in sign communication, until that moment came…. Se ento wo a, da!  Watch out for episode 2 soon!

Written by Prince Baah-Duodu for:


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